Toning Tables are a series of passive exercise machines, suitable for any shape or size. The system involves 4 machines, each capable of moving isolated muscle groups through a range of motions, and one vibrating toning table for relaxing areas that were activated under workouts on the other toning machines and requires as much effort as inclined by the user.


Toning Tables offer a full-body workout that can be performed one of two ways: actively or passively. They do not rely on the body's muscle power. Your body's ability to work with the machine determines the intensity of your workout.




Passive use

The Toning Tables create relaxation through repetition and stimulates circulation as well as muscle functioning. This is done by the integration of Pilates techniques in the equipment's movement patterns.



Active Use

Depending on the development and ability of the individual patient, a progression can then be made to using the equipment actively, so users actively train with their own muscle strength, with a variety of settings designed to offer varying levels of resistance. Unlike conventional equipment, patients actually get the best results working with the equipment, rather than against it.


Toning Tables incorporate Pilates based movements and provide exercise, strengthening and toning to the chest, shoulders, abdominals, arms, upper back, buttocks, hips and waist. Users do not feel sore, sweaty, or tired because they are and are not fighting against gravity. It is a suitable form of exercise for any age or ability. The use of all 5 Toning Tables in one session is equal to a 5 km walk, alleviates tension and generates a feeling of well-being.


When using the Toning Tables actively, they safely allow faster improvements to your body. These improvements include muscle strength by treating isolated muscles, overall body mobility, balance, and coordination. This type of workout is intended to exercise all of the major muscles groups of the body, giving you a complete workout.


Toning Tables are motorized to mechanically induce gentle, repetitive motion. Each of the 5 different beds works on a specific area of the body, stretching and tightening the muscles without stress or strain for both the front and back of the muscles and organs. Using a bed for 7 minutes allows the muscle group to contract over 100 times, providing oxygen and improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation.





Toning tables are Ideal for anyone looking for general fitness and toning through to those needing a solution for a range of different needs and conditions, such as limited mobility, acute pain, musculoskeletal disorders, arthritis, rheumatism, obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, stroke, Parkinson's disease, lupus, muscular dystrophy, polio, osteoporosis, fybromialgia, scoliosis, problems connected with sipne/neck/back injuries and many more.




Note: Prospective clients with medical conditions should consult with their medical practicioner before using our equipment.





The Benefits of Toning Tables:



• More energy

• Improve posture and flexibility

• Help with stiff joints

• Help with Fibromyalgia pain

• Improve bone density

• Increase range of motion

• Increase joint mobility, muscle strength, coordination and general fitness

• Support and maintenance of normal movement patterns


• Reduces muscle spasms, which in turn have enhances limb control and improved muscle strength

• Full Body workout without too much effort

• Reduces water retention

• Strengthens Lung Tissue. Strengthens the diaphragm muscles allowing lungs more room to expand, increasing vital capacity.

• Improves Oxygen Exchange. Resulting in a decline in the rate of breathing while resting.

• Increases Bone Density, improves mobility, joints become less susceptible to arthritis, reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

• Improves Digestive System including the elimination process.

• Improves circulation, makes arteries more pliable lowering and controlling elevated blood pressure.   Improved circulation also helps prevent varicose veins.

• Makes you feel better physically and mentally improves self-confidence.

• Tones muscles and improves posture

Additional benefits of exercising using toning tables include increased muscle tone and improved posture. According to Worldwide Health website, exercising with toning tables tones muscles in the stomach and shoulders. This helps to reposition the ribcage and shoulders, which improves postural alignment. Muscles that are not normally used are worked with specific exercises and are strengthened with the repetitive movement.




Toning Tables Training Advantages


• They diminish the possibility of injury to the muscle, joints, and ligaments since the users never meet more resistance or endure loads more than they can handle. The machines give unrivaled no impact, total body shaping and toning without overstressing joints or muscles. 


• Reduction in post-exercise soreness, since muscles are thoroughly stretched out in the eccentric phase.


• Some machines work the same muscles or muscle groups but each machine will work these muscles at slightly different angles.  Although there are overlaps between the machines in terms of muscles worked, each machine works the muscles in a different way, with the result that the total 30-minute workout is much more effective than if each machine worked a single muscle or muscle group in isolation. 


• By changing the speed setting, cardiac output is increased with the resultant positive impact on the body’s cardiovascular system.  Stroke volume and respiratory rates are elevated as blood vessels dilate producing increased blood flow and delivering more oxygen to the muscles.  Maximal oxygen intake is progressively improved.


• Users muscles can perform longer without tiring by sharing the workload with the motor.  When muscles tire the motor can take over the workload.











Anyone can use this system!




Originally toning tables were seen as an alternative to the gym for people who wanted to lose inches and tone their body.


However, after some tome, Centers for people with different neurological diseases also started to offer exercise on toning tables because of observed benefits and advantages of exercising with toning tables. This equipment suits acute sufferers because they need passive stretching rather than any other type of exercise. 1,2


The gentle movement makes the tables particularly suitable for people with mobility and regular exercise problems.


Individually specific exercise programs are established to maximize the benefit that regular use of the tables can bring.


A session takes approximately one hour and should be undertaken in comfortable trousers (no jeans) a loose top and socks. A session takes approximately one hour and should be undertaken in comfortable trousers (no jeans) a loose top and socks.