Pavlov Regenex Centar provides athletes using Regenex Treatment an increase in the level of physical fitness of athletes, which is why they are able to withstand increasing physical efforts in training and competitions.

Regenex Treatment is a combination of advanced technology and scientific research and it is used for fast recovery of athletes from central and peripheral fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome, after training and competitions, acute pain prevention, treatment of sports injuries, acute and chronic pain.


This treatment is also applied in parallel with the sports training, and the main goal is the faster entry into the full athletic shape during the preparation period and its maintenance at a high level during the competition period.


  • Regenex Treatment is used for the athlete fast recovery from central and peripheral fatigue, and chronic fatigue syndrome after training and competitions, acute pain prevention, treatment of the sports injuries, acute and chronic pain.



Regenex Treatment improves the general state of the organism, relieves the manifestation of the disease and accelerates recovery by:


  • reduces swelling, pain, muscle spasms and inflammation;
  • solves sports injuries such as sprains, contusions, strains;
  • facilitates movement of the joints, removes stiffness and pain.
  • great relaxation, and also preventively removes stress and relieves from physical and physical tension;


All training programs of athletes should integrate Regenex Treatment because it is a valuable tool for achieving maximal results, particularly for the athletes who want to achieve highest levels of sports performance in professional sport.


Learn MORE ABOUT MECHANISMS AND TYPES OF FATIGUE, SPORTS INJURIES AND PAIN and the way in which REGENEX TREATMENT CAN HELP YOU to recover in the fastest and most effective way:


Recovery in sports is usually a period from the end of the training to the return of the organism's functions to the initial level or approximately to the state of rest. Regenex Treatment increases the level of physical fitness of athletes, which makes them able to withstand increasing physical efforts in training and competitions. How to prevent the onset of pain, cramps and the possibility of injury during training, repair the existing injury, acute and persistent chronic pain by using Regenex treatment? Learn more about it!


Athletes spend a lot of energy to achieve a high-performance sports form for high-level competitions, but this road is often obstructed with fatigue, and preparations take place in a state of fatigue which prevents them from achieving superior performance and promotes the risk of serious injury. Discover how fatigue in sport can adversely affect your performance and how to get rid of fatigue efficiently by using Regenex Treatment. Learn more about it!





Recovery in sport is usually a period of the time from the end of the training to complete restore of organism functions on the initial level or approximately to the state of the rest. Regenex Treatments used for the RECOVERY after strenuous training either before and after the competition, as well as in sports injuries and pain, are revolutionary in the Serbian and World market, and they have advantages over other methods because:



Positive results support the use of Regenex Treatment for fast recovery from sports injuries, central and chronic fatigue, acute and chronic pain treatment, as well as acute pain prevention. Like any training tool, you will achieve optimal results when using the technology appropriately in terms of specific settings, timings, frequency, and duration of treatment and the overall range of the treatment. The key is in the appropriate conjunction of the Regenex Treatment with a well-organized training program. Simply one use of Regenex Treatment is not enough. You must have clear goals and objectives for Regenex Treatment, as well as a plan for how and when to use our technology.



Our athletes are over-inundated with an excessive amount of physical and mental stress which accumulate and create excessive fatigue and also interfere with athletes’ thought processes and autonomic signals within their brains and bodies.

If we rely solely on voluntary strength training to prepare athletes, we are selling them short. Using the Regenex Treatment, an athlete can contract a muscle group more completely and cleaner than by classical training. Regenex Treatment bypasses the “noise” and works directly on the muscle to get a complete contraction. This is particularly important when targeting fast-twitch muscle fiber, which you can preferentially target with the correct stimulation frequency.



A muscle injury damages the connections between mind and body and thus disrupts the brain. Regenex Treatment helps to repair those connections and work through the inhibitions created by the brain’s self-imposed protective mechanisms. Use of the Regenex Treatment is essential in moving past the obstacles and inhibitions to provide maximal recruitment of certain muscle group. Once recruitment patterns are re-established and the muscle is fully restored through both, isolated use of Regenex Treatment and superimposed training, the injured extremity does not present any further problem for the athlete. In cases of both fatigue and injury, the signals between the brain and the body are easily disrupted. Regenex Treatment can not only restore, but also enhance those connections.



Regenex Treatment can help assess the neuromuscular system by monitoring the amount of current required to contract the muscles. As the neuromuscular system improved through the rehabilitation process, less and less current was required to attain a full contraction. Monitoring the levels of intensity on the Regenex Combolift™ massager unit can show the progress of muscle regeneration (and the central nervous system) in injured states.

It has been possible to identify central neurological fatigue by measuring the difference between the subject's maximum voluntary contractions and the high levels achievable by Regenex Treatment. This aspect of activating the maximum number of fibers using can also be used as a test to identify chronic fatigue syndrome. Use of Regenex Treatment on the muscles in athletes with chronic fatigue syndrome can activate more fibers and produce greater strength than it was possible for those athletes to achieve by voluntary contraction, thus demonstrating the central neurological component as an essential factor in performance reduction as a result of chronic fatigue syndrome.

It is also possible to identify peripheral fatigue by applying electrical stimulation to the relevant nerve to make muscles twitch directly, before and after physical activity, which tells you how the function of the muscle itself has changed.



There are different modalities of the treatments used for the treatment of the fatigue in athletes. They might be broadly differentiated as being either physiological (e.g., cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, compression, sleep), pharmacological (e.g., non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications) or nutritional (e.g., dietary supplements), all mean to limit continued post-exercise fatigue and inflammatory events within the exercised muscle cells and eventually an injury. For example, The use of nutritive supplements such as SR2W-1, BCAA or ornithine aspartate is not efficient in removal of the central fatigue, 1,2 This peripheral focus emphasizes the importance of an accelerated return of structural integrity and functional capacity of the muscles.  Regenex Treatment is, unlike other treatments focusing on the central component of the fatigue, and the role of the CNS in development of the fatigue, besides the peripheral component. During the treatment, muscles are activated, and also CNS through peripheral nerves, which feel the flow of the amplified nerve signals and modulates neuro chemical motor responses, so in athletes, besides the symptoms of peripheral fatigue, symptoms of the central fatigue also disappear and athletes are ready to return to their regular sports activities in full shape.



Chronic fatigue syndrome affects athletes in different ways, so Regenex Treatment also adapts to specific symptoms. Regenex Treatment promotes the balance and regeneration of the athlete's body, which leads to the strengthening of the immune system, balancing the hormonal status, restoring muscle strength, energy, and good mood. After a relatively short time, the athlete returns to sports and life activities in full form.



In tight schedules, when athletes might not have the time or energy to implement recovery and regeneration protocols, Regenex Treatment is an extremely useful tool. Active recovery protocols that encourage circulatory mechanisms within the body help facilitate a more complete and expedient recovery. Optimally, athletes can implement Regenex Treatment with running, stationary bike training, or swimming-pool exercises, which can hasten recovery. Large muscle groups can be treated to promote circulation and to tone the muscles back to normal.

It is also important to note that athletes who used maximum strength and speed in sports activity, using Regenex treatments, felt greater progress in recovery the next day, in terms of relaxation of the muscles and mobility of the joints.

Regenex Treatment with the application of Regenex Herbal Spray® and Regenex Herbal Gel® also speeds up the healing of muscles, tendons, joints, inhibits inflammation and ischemia and dramatically reduces recovery time after injury, in contrast to other types of standard treatments for sports injuries involving application of the electrostimulation, cryotherapy, thermotherapy, ultrasound, massage etc. When a quick recovery is required, Regenex Treatment is the right choice!



The increased blood flow to specific tissues and muscles means the faster recovery of cell function and balance, especially in terms of the interstitial fluid. As blood flow increases, the toxin elimination (intracellular H+) rate accelerates and the ionic balance (extracellular K+) and glycogen reserves are regained faster. The water, mineral salts and carbohydrates delivered by food will further aid recovery.

It has been successfully demonstrated that Regenex Treatment definitely increases arterial blood flow in muscle masses subjected to stimulation. This increase in arterial flow is considerable with the rate being four times that of the body at rest, but with the great advantage that this is obtained with no increase in heart rate or arterial pressure, i.e. with no added general fatigue. Furthermore, the venous blood flow rate is also increased by the same factor as the arterial flow, thus delivering the genuine venous drainage that is so effective against the sensation of heavy legs.



Regenex Treatment has the ability to essentially reset muscle tone and provide athletes with not only the means to contract muscle more efficiently but also to relax and de-contract muscle more effectively. This benefit is critical in explosive cyclical movements, such as sprinting, where the nervous system is required to contract and de-contract muscle in a very short amount of time, at very high speeds. Regenex Treatment can help athletes minimize muscle stiffness, cramping, and general peripheral and central fatigue.

Our central nervous system naturally produces varying quantities of peptides, which have the ability to deliver pain relief (the analgesic effect), as well as general muscle relaxation and reduced anxiety. These peptides can create an analgesic effect and general muscle relaxation. The production of these peptides is enhanced by the pulse frequencies of Regenex Combolift Massager™. In addition to this general relaxation, produces a local relaxation effect in the muscle masses directly subjected to stimulation. Therefore, toxin removal increased blood flow, and increased production of peptides (endorphins) will produce an endorphin effect (disappearance of pain) and a local relaxation effect. Muscles are perfectly relaxed and ready for a new activity!



When athletes have to travel, long waits in the airport—and long periods spent sitting on the airplane, bus, train, etc.—can lead to joint and muscle stiffness. Regenex Treatment can help athletes stay supple and keep their bodies well-maintained when it comes to oxygen circulation, waste removal, and even getting a good night’s sleep.

Athletes report feeling significantly better after using the Regenex Treatment unit on their trip, and have a better sleep when they arrive at their destination. In conversations with numerous teams in the professional sport, we got a confirmation that athletes who rely on their bodies for their income realize the benefits of Regenex Treatment. The schedules and demands of the regular season are so stressful that every athlete needs help with their recovery and the maintenance of strength. Regenex Treatment provides a simple, convenient solution to this problem.



When the original injury is healed, the muscles are not as strong as they were before the injury. Unlike other treatments available for the treatment of sports injuries, Regenex Treatment with Regenex Herbal Spray® and Regenex Herbal Gel® is very effective in strengthening the nervous-muscular-bone system after repairing the injury, which prevents the occurrence of secondary injuries after return to sports activities.



Drug use can significantly delay communication between the brain and the body, to disrupt nerve impulses and slow down reflexes. Surgical interventions result in long periods of recovery, they can prevent athletes from completing the competition season, and they are associated with many complications and risks. Regenex Treatment stimulates the body naturally to regenerate and relieve pain. Although in certain cases surgery and medication are necessary, Regenex Treatment can be an alternative or complementary treatment. Experts agree that Regenex Treatment is irreplaceable for the treatment of athletes because it works using a non-invasive device and herbal products that have no pharmacological effect.



Regenex Treatment with Pain Buster Herbal Spray® and Pain Buster Herbal Gel® effectively treats pain, and with Regenex Herbal Spray® and Regenex Herbal Gel® accelerates the regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues if applied immediately after injury, and saves an athlete from the discomfort and frustration which arise from the use of needles and more efficiently leads to the desired outcome.



Regenex Treatment can be applied anywhere because of device mobility: in the field, in the locker room, training centers, or in home conditions.



Reduces the need for surgery and treating damaged tissues before further progression of damage. The goal of regenerative therapy is to heal the injured tissue and help athletes return to their standard activities in a full, if not even better form.



  • Most users can expect very significant improvements already after the first Regenex Treatment. Regenex treatment varies depending on the type of injury, fatigue, and pain, and is individually created, but the ultimate goal is the same, which is to help athletes return to their standard activities in full form!





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