Pavlov Trening Center programs, which are consisted of Combolift Treatment and supervised exercises on the equipment for passive and active exercise, are designed to help you improve your function, quality of life, and more effectively manage symptoms commonly associated with neurological, musculoskeletal and metabolic disorders, sports injuries, etc. To find out more about the benefits of our programs, click here.

Regenex Treatment is a combination of an advanced technology and research is performed using Regenex Combolift Massager and 2 lines of herbal products in the form of the gel and spray.



Regenex Treatment is the invention of Alexander Pavlov, developed in cooperation with a wide range of expert associates from various fields of science and technology to solve seemingly difficult problems related to the neuro-musculoskeletal system. It is an innovative and revolutionary treatment of pain, inflammation, spasm, spasticity and fatigue in various conditions, which is a combination of the Regenex Combolift Massager ™ device and herbal products application.

Regenex Treatment consists of the application of:

  • Regenex ComboLift Massager™ device

The task of Regenex ComboLift Massager ™ is to perform micro-neuro-activation or to wake and open the cell, stimulate the tissue, and enable the herbal products to penetrate deeper to the wider area of the treated place. The central nervous system can sense the inflow of increased nerve signals and activate targeted muscle groups and nerve pathways.

  • Herbal products

Herbal products Regenex Herbal Spray ® and Regenex Herbal Gel ® are responsible for micro-neuro-regeneration of the tissue, while Pain Buster Herbal Spray ® and Pain Buster Herbal Gel ® are responsible for the treatment of acute and chronic joint pain, pain in muscles, spasms, spasticity and muscle inflammation.

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Regenex ComboLift Massager™

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Regenex Herbal Spray®

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Regenex Herbal Gel®

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Pain Buster Herbal Spray®

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Pain Buster Herbal Gel®

Results of Regenex Treatment

Regenex Treatment is the most effective treatment, which has found application in the treatment of various orthopedic, neurological, and rheumatic conditions, sports injuries and cosmetic regenerative treatments, for skin rejuvenation, scar removal, as well as in the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks. Unlike other traditional methods (IC lamps, lasers, ultrasound, and electrotherapy), whose action is limited to the body's surface layers, Regenex treatment acts deeply antiinflammatory within the treated area, leads to micro-neuro regeneration and micro-neuro activation and thereby promotes the natural processes of renewal and self-regulation. Positive effects are visible after the first use:

  • Radical reduction of pain, spasm, spasticity (in 85% of patients),
  • Increased mobility,
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Acceleration of healing
  • the disappearance of fatigue

Regenex Treatment performs an important stimulation of biological and cellular structures, which acts as:

  • Enhanced and proper routing of nerve signals
  • Increase in circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Increase in metabolic activity and energy production
  • Increase in oxygen supply to tissues, and absorption of nutrients
  • Removal of metabolic byproducts
  • Re-absorption of edema and hematoma

Regenex Treatment involves the use of our herbal products - the healing powers of nature, applied directly to the skin and the advanced Regenex Combolift massager ™ technology that uses a combination of different frequencies of ultrasound and currents. A unique range of current frequencies and ultrasound that are in the biological range is transmitted through the skin and together with the active principles of herbal products initiate regenerative, self-regulating and anti-inflammatory processes in the organism.

Before the treatment, we examine the body by following the nerve pathways and focus on finding the cause of the user's problem. Based on the findings and condition, we apply Regenex Treatment to eliminate pain, spasms, spasticity, inflammation or fatigue and prevent their spread and re-occurrence.

Strengthening and improving the delivery of signals in the nervous system directly at the cellular level makes the treatment effect much faster with very long lasting results. Regenex treatment does not require the use of medicines or chemicals.

  • Phase 1

Treatment of body part affected with changes

We first treat the change using the Regenex Combolift Massager™ apparatus together with the herbal products Pain Buster Herbal Spray® or Regenex Herbal Spray® depending on the need, to act on the inflammation and hence reduce pain, spasm or spasticity as quickly as possible.

  • Phase 2

Deep treatment

At this stage of treatment, serious tissue inflammation is significantly reduced and there is a significant improvement in the condition. This part of the treatment focuses on the deep treatment of the affected parts of the body. It is carried out by applying the patch containing Pain Buster Herbal Gel® or Regenex Herbal Gel ® depending on the need, to the affected areas of the body.

  • Phase 3

The regenerative phase

When inflammation is removed, regeneration of the joint and muscle tissue and optimum recovery occurs. It is very important that users listen to their body and do not pretend over their threshold of pain.

  • Phase 4

Healthy body in balance

The treatment ends and the user no longer feels pain. The condition of the affected part of the body is normalized.





All herbal products are certified not to contain doping substances, which makes them completely safe for use during training and competition!



People reduce the number of pills they take, the recovery process is faster and people sooner go back to their everyday commitments. Stimulation of blood and lymph circulation leads to the organism detoxification. The treatment is not the replacement for the medical care when it is needed, but it can be the excellent defensive line against pain.

Regenex ComboLift Massager™ treatment can fix the general state of the organism, mitigate ailment manifestations and accelerate the recovery process. The treatment instantly reduces swellings, pains, spasms, and sore muscles, solves sports injuries like sprains, contusions, strains, relieves joint movements, especially in arthritis, removes stiffness, pain, and improves joint movements after the stroke. Regenex ComboLift Massager™ treatment not only provides the excellent relaxation but, what is more important – it provides a preventive method against stress accumulation. It relieves emotional and physical tension.

The term sports recovery is the period which lasts from the end of workout until body functions are established. The Regenex treatment, which is an integral part of the programs in our Center, increases the level of physical readiness of athletes, who, thanks to this treatment, are ready to withstand all harder physical efforts at training and competitions. It is a new treatment which is applied simultaneously with the sports training with a primary goal to quickly enter in the full sports form in the preparation period and maintaining it at the high level in the competition period.


Regenex treatment can be used during travels, in bad weather (it can be the substitute for the training), as well as in the case of certain sports or other injuries. Regenex treatment is used when the complete training is not possible. In this case, the treatment replaces the training and helps athletes to maintain proper physical condition level. The injured athletes who can't withstand the efforts of the complete training can use this treatment to prevent physical condition decline. Once the injury is healed and the athlete is recovered, he/she can go back to the sports field much quicker.


We conduct Regenex Treatment to achieve the micro-neuro-activation and micro-neuro-regeneration. The next step is musculoskeletal activation through a personalized exercise program in order to achieve maximum results.