We have 5 toning tables, each capable of moving isolated muscle groups

through a range of different motions  

Sit-Up Table


Works with you to exercise upper stomach and diaphragm while you do breathing exercises. You also do isometrics with your legs and feet. It powers you through 90 repetitions.












Sandbag table


Feel a gentle massage action on your hips and thighs, as you do 3 isometric exercises. The sandbag gives a resistance massage.




Waist, Tummy, Hip Table


Gently raises and lowers your legs, rotates your pelvis, and stretches the lower lumbar area of your back. You work with the toning table as it powers you through hundreds of repetitions.



Hip Waist Toner


Gently stretches and relaxes muscles of waist area and lower body area. It also helps to firm, tightens and reduces waist, stomach, thighs and buttocks. This gentle rhythmic movement can assist in strengthening the lower back and it also reduces the extra fat of hip, waist and whole lower body.


Vibrator Table 


A gentle oscillating movement allows you to relax areas that you have just worked out on the other toning machines. You’ll leave the Pavlov Sports Center feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Watch the Video: Toning Tables in Action »