Dvostruki osvajač zlatne medalje na Šampionatu Evrope u  brazilskoj Jiu Jitsu 2009. i 2012. godine, u Lisabonu,
kao i zlatne i bronzane medalje na Balkanskom šampionatu 2009. godine u Zagrebu



As the first Center for Regeneration in Serbia, our mission is to become and remain leaders in providing quality services in the field of prevention and promotion of mental, physical health and achieving welfare.




By constant improving and using the latest therapeutic approaches and innovative technology, our aim is to achieve a prestigious and long-term results in the prevention and promotion of health and the preservation and improvement of the quality of life for people with chronic diseases, a variety of medical conditions and different degrees of disability, in enhancing the readiness of athletes, improving the health and readiness of employees in the workplace and reduce the impact of stress.




We help clients to live a healthy and happy life in balance with their own needs and thus achieve better results, increase the life expectancy and change the image of the world we're living in.




Specificity of the Pavlov Regenex Centar is in the concept of innovation, which relays on the experience based on practice, science, and intuition, as well as using the latest proven scientific, therapeutic approaches, technology training, exercise programs, treatment methods and techniques of recovery that are tailored to each client. This means that in the service of achieving quality and reliable service as well as the results of various programs of exercise and treatment, we provide high-quality services, technology, and materials.

We believe that exercise programs and treatments are very useful for persons with chronic health and medical disorders such as acute pain, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, arthritis, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cardiac problems, high blood pressure, disorders of the thyroid gland, obesity, cholesterol, osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, cerebral palsy, brain injury, stroke, Parkinson's disease, muscular dystrophy, polio and many others. In addition, completely healthy persons and athletes can use treatments and programs of our center as an additional support for competitions and in order to improve the physical readiness and general health. We conduct Regenex Treatment to achieve the micro-neuro-activation and micro-neuro-regeneration. The next step is musculoskeletal activation through a personalized exercise program in order to achieve maximum results.

Pavlov Regenex Centar programs provide a personalized and optimal approach to training, by applying different training and treatment technologies.

Pavlov Regenex Centar programs, which are consisted of Regenex Treatment and supervised exercises on the equipment for passive and active exercise, are designed to help you improve your function, quality of life, and more effectively manage symptoms commonly associated with neurological, musculoskeletal and metabolic disorders, sports injuries, etc. To find out more about the benefits of our programs, click here.

Each exercise program is based on your individual needs and goals while utilizing the best available evidence (science) regarding the most effective ways to train and condition persons with different disorders and different degree of mobility and capabilities. The program can be customized to those who walk independently, need a cane, or rely on a wheelchair for mobility.




The effect and efficiency of Regenex Treatment have been scientifically confirmed at several international congresses.



On European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation (ECNR) in 2015, we presented our new and unique Regenex Treatment that has the permanent and strong effect of regeneration on tissues which participate in the motor activity (muscular, nerve and bone) and removal of symptoms like pain, spasms, spasticity, without side effects and for relatively short time.

European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation

In May 2014 we attended the 7th World Congress of the World Institute of Pain (WIP 2014) which is a major biennial gathering of pain management specialists.

7th World Congress of the World Institute of Pain




If you are interested in our programs and treatments, then we are waiting for you! Contact us by email or phone. We will immediately suggest you the start date of your program.


For all information, you can call the number:



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In order to make all the treatments and exercise programs pleasant for clients and in line with our mission of innovation, Pavlov Regenex Centar is designed as the combination of wellness and training center, simplicity and luxury. Located in a quiet part of Pancevo, close to the city center, surrounded by evergreen pine trees in a large and nicely arranged yard. 

The Pavlov Regenex Centar is located at the address:



Novoseljanski put 68, 26000 Pancevo, Serbia






The constant presence of friendly professional team supports all the services that the center provides, dictates the concept and choice of offered services that are in synergy with the primary mission and purpose of our work, namely prevention and health promotion. Our team of experts will create an individual program for each client which is tailored to its specific needs which mean that you will get the best possible results for the time you spent with us.