European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation (ECNR)



European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation (ECNR), was held from 1-4. December in the spectacular historic architecture of the “Hofburg Vienna”, Vienna, Austria.

The ECNR 2015 was the European medical platform and comprehensive networking forum, which brought together medical scientists, rehabilitation specialists and industry representatives from all over Europe and all around the globe. 

Gordana Radmanovic (Neurologist) presented our new and unique treatment with presentation no. P-55 under the name Pavlov Method® - Effectively reduces pain, muscle spasms and spasticity in neurological disorders, completely new, innovative, safe and primarily efficient treatment for removing spasms, spasticity and pain in multiple sclerosis, stroke and cerebral palsy. 

Our Regenex Treatment (former Pavlov Method) showed, which is confirmed by this study, strong and lasting (strong and lasting) effect on the tissue repair involved in motor activity (muscles, nerves, and bones) and the removal of symptoms such as pain, spasm, and spasticity, without any side effects and in a relatively short time, while methods, pharmacological agents and devices presented on this Congress only partially help in the recovery and the daily functioning of patients and do not lead to complete elimination of the above symptoms and do not regenerate nerve and muscle tissue (some methods lead to the partial regeneration of nerve and muscle tissue) whose damage is the underlying cause of symptoms of neurological disorders, and therefore do not lead to the actual return of motor function (significant improvement in moving and balance and muscle tone and strength of muscles for walking, standing and other activities) as well as significantly improving the quality of life of people suffering from the above disorders.