Regenex ComboLift Massager™


Regenex ComboLift Massager™ - Micro Neuro Activator is the mixture of scientific discovery and modern technology in the field fast recovery of athletes, treatment of neurological, musculoskeletal and metabolic disorders.

  • Features of the Regenex ComboLift Massager™

The goal of the Regenex ComboLift Massager™-a is to carry out micro-neuro-activation, wake up and open cells, stimulate the tissue and enable the Herbal Products to penetrate deeper into the wider area of the treated place. The Central nervous system can feel the influx of amplified nerve signals and activate targeted muscle groups and peripheral nerves. 

Regenex ComboLift Massager™ is equipment which the equipment that consolidates and combines the use of several techniques that have proven REGENERATIVE EFFECTS.


Regenex ComboLift Massager™ is applied together with Regenex Herbal Spray® and Regenex Herbal Gel® and it is responsible for micro-neuro-regeneration of the tissues, while Pain Buster Herbal Spray® and Pain Buster Herbal Gel® have an effect on both acute and chronic pain in bones and muscles, muscle spasms, and inflammation, within the Regenex Treatment.